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Coffee Talk Episode 7 - Navigating Listener Preferences, Yellowstone Revelations, and Bosnian Delicacies

Published on: 25th January, 2024

Hello, it's episode 7 of Coffee Talk. I'm David, joined by my lovely wife Tamara. Today, we're taking you on a delightful journey through our podcast's journey, discussing some compelling survey results, and sharing our latest escapades.

To better shape our content, we recently ran a survey, which saw some impressive participation. Interesting to note, the leading podcast theme that our audience enjoy revolves around our daily life, followed by interviews and tales of intriguing travel locations. Notably, the majority of our listeners are non-native English speakers, which is fantastic, it's a nod to our diverse listener base. Furthermore, an astounding number of our audience have been with us for at least six months, with some even stretching to two years or more!


We also found a trend favouring shorter podcasts of 15 to 30 minutes. This aligns with our current goal; however, depending on the content, extending the duration could be beneficial. For example, our long-form interviews have produced some key insights that our listeners seem to enjoy. As for the podcast format, both audio and video formats have their fans, but video format takes the lead by a narrow margin.

In terms of content, Bosnian history and intriguing travel sites topped the list alongside the desire for more recipes and cultural insights. Cultural differences, detailed descriptions of day-to-day life and maybe even some language lessons were also mentioned.

These insights are invaluable to us, and we'll certainly incorporate the feedback into our upcoming podcasts. We'll be keeping the survey open, so if you've missed it, take a few moments to fill it in and share your thoughts. Your input helps us create content that you genuinely enjoy!

Breaking away from podcast matters, we've just binged the US series, Yellowstone. We had an epiphany during this viewing -- turns out, we have a soft spot for country music. The soundtrack left us nostalgic for the sweeping landscapes, the triumphs and the heartbreaks that come with country life.

Tamara's Spotify Playlist from Yellowstone

Now, every good conversation circles back to food at some point. We've recently prepared an authentic Bosnian recipe known as 'Tepsi Kofta', or tray meatballs. Simple and lip-smacking, this comfort meal is essentially spiced meatballs layered in a tray with local veggies.

Well, that's a wrap for this episode of Coffee Talk. We appreciate you tuning in. Until next time, stay safe, and don't forget; your feedback helps us create content that’s a perfect accompaniment for your cup of coffee. See you in the next episode!

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