Episode 39

Meeting an Englishman who lived in the Jugoslavija of the 80's and 90's.

Published on: 14th December, 2023

A nostalgic dive into the history, culture, and experiences of an Englishman living in the Balkans during Yugoslavia's era.

Martin Gannon shares his journey from England to Yugoslavia in the 20th century, his experiences of working in the tourism sector, including establishing a pilgrimage route to Međugorje, and his life in Yugoslav Airlines.

He also discusses how the country has changed after the breakup of Yugoslavia and the future of tourism in both Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia.

Despite the significant changes and challenges, Martin maintains that the Balkans remains a place close to his heart, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and most importantly, its welcoming people.

The piece of music in this podcast is: “Moja Je Pjesma Lagana” by Parni Valjak.

The link to Martins interview with Total Croatia News.

00:00 Introduction and Personal Experiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina

00:22 Meeting Martin Gannon: A Brit in Yugoslavia

01:32 Martin's Arrival and Early Experiences in Yugoslavia

02:54 Tourism in Yugoslavia: A British Perspective

04:50 Martin's Career Progression and Language Experiences

06:16 Residency and Travel Experiences in Yugoslavia

10:21 Martin's Involvement with Yugoslav Airlines

12:04 Promoting Tourism in Bosnia Herzegovina

14:53 Martin's Favorite Places and Food in Yugoslavia

21:40 Reflections on Changes in Tourism and Life Post-Yugoslavia

30:17 Future Plans and Final Thoughts

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