Episode 12

Coffee Talk Episode 8 - Recovering from an Infection

Published on: 7th February, 2024

A bit over a week ago, I had a touch of unease which required medical attention. Without delving into the specifics, I'll simply say that the really professional medical system here provided me with antibiotics for a minor infection. My recovery therefore entails no alcohol on my birthday (in a few days), and a somewhat slower pace, but nothing's stopping my walks.

In other news, we're about to witness the 40th anniversary of the 1984 Olympics held in Sarajevo. I've been reaching out to people who were there to document their experience, looking forward to any interactions and insights they might share. You'll witness it all through my podcast, which will be released not this Sunday, but the one after.

I apologise for the recent inactivity on our Substack; I've been preparing for the Olympics anniversary. But rest assured, we're back on track now. The weather here remains a “fickle friend”, bouncing like a “fiddler's elbow”, alternating between pleasant sun and temperate cloud cover.

Meanwhile, our ever-growing podcast journey ventures into folklore and traditional dancing this coming Sunday. I encourage you all to subscribe, chime in with comments, and continually support us.


Despite this minor health setback, I've kept up with my walks and studio work. My newly-arrived Kindle aids in additional research during my “Book Club Breakfasts” that I have in bed.

Balance, as they say, is key.

Finally, your input is invaluable to us, feel free to drop any queries or comments.

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