Episode 11

Exploring the Captivating Lives of Livno's Wild Horses

Published on: 1st February, 2024

This episode takes us from the picturesque landscapes of the Lake District in the United Kingdom to the rugged mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I catch up with equine photographer Ruth Chamberlain, who last year (2022), embarked on a remarkable journey to document the captivating lives of the wild horses of Livno.

I find out about how Ruth's made this unexpected connection to Bosnia and Herzegovina, fuelled by a chance encounter with a breathtaking photograph that led her on an unforgettable adventure. Ruth's passion for promoting rare and unique equine breeds shines through as she shares her experiences in the UK and abroad, shedding light on the intriguing history and relationships between people and horses.

Ruth's journey took her through the Bosnian landscape, where she found out about the enchanting Livno horses and their role in the natural ecosystem, discovered the challenges and successes of preserving these magnificent creatures in their wild habitat, and explored the fascinating parallels between the Bosnian horses and other iconic equine herds around the world.

Ruth provides insights into the impact of tourism on the Livno region and the delicate balance between sharing this hidden gem with the world and safeguarding its pristine environment.

I talk to Ruth about the importance of responsible tourism and how it can contribute to the preservation of these remarkable wild herds.

Find out More about Ruth at:



"Our wonderful guide Silvija (@livnowildhorses) was fantastic, she showed us the whole area - from mountains to the history of the town. She was very generous and had such amazing knowledge! We encountered such lovely and wonderful people at every turn and they made the trip even more special. What an amazing place"

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