Episode 38

Coffee Talk Episode 3 - Cross-Cultural Experiences and Preparing for Christmas

Published on: 13th December, 2023

Coffee Talk Episode 3 - Cross-Cultural Experiences and Preparing for Christmas.

In this episode of Coffee Talk, Tamara and I explore the concept of cross-cultural experiences and the influence of different cultures on individual experiences and perceptions.

We update on our lives here in Čardačani, in northern Bosnia Herzegovina, and how being so close to the European Union and Croatia impacts the understanding of European identity.

We talk about 'Stollen', a traditional German Christmas bread, and how Tamara makes it with her "twist".

David shares his initial negative and positive cultural shocks in Germany and Bosnia, while Tamara talks about how deep-rooted traditions and family-oriented life in Bosnia were initially a challenge for David.

And finally, we end with a discussion on various local foods, demonstrating how one can find home and comfort, even in a foreign culture.

00:00 Introduction and Bloopers

00:24 Life in Northern Bosnia Herzegovina

01:29 Stollen: A Traditional German Christmas Bread

02:18 Making Stollen at Home

05:16 Cross-Cultural Experiences: A Turkish-German Story

08:35 Cross-Cultural Experiences: A British-Bosnian Story

09:05 Netflix Binge-Watching and Movie Reviews

10:14 Cross-Cultural Experiences: A British-Pakistani Story

19:33 Cross-Cultural Experiences: A British Immigrant in Bosnia.

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