Episode 36

Coffee Talk Episode 2 - Village Life, Fibi might Have Epilepsy, and Seasonal Festivities

Published on: 6th December, 2023

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Village Life, Epileptic Dogs, and Seasonal Festivities

In this podcast episode, we talk about various aspects of village life, including our two dogs.

Our small dog Fibi (Phoebe), a mix of chihuahua and terrier, has epilepsy and we talk about the implications. Our other dog Mari, is a German terrier mix.

The conversation shifts to climate change, the importance of spaying pets, and traditional footwear called priglavci.

David shares his fondness for scented candles while Tamara talks about recipes involving pork and pumpkin.

Tamara talks about her visit to Pepco and their Christmas preparations, including festive clothing.

00:00 Introduction and Podcast Overview

00:23 Meet the Dogs: Phoebe and Mare

02:00 Life in the Village: Morning Routines and Sounds

04:15 Climate Change and Its Effects

04:50 The Importance of Spaying Pets

05:04 Embracing Traditional Footwear: Preglavci

08:03 Pet Health: Mari's Spaying Experience

09:13 Exploring Music: Jewish Prayer and Ladino Song

13:34 Food Talk: Cooking and Shopping Experiences

19:32 Christmas Celebrations and Traditions

23:21 Conclusion and Contact Information

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