Episode 34

Coffee Talk - Episode 1

Published on: 29th November, 2023

In this first episode of Coffee Talk, we share a glimpse of our life in Čardačani, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We talk about launching tour new podcast and share interesting experiences from our daily life.

We touch on various topics, including our affinity for cooking, traveling, and sharing anecdotes.

Our Coffee Conversation also revolves around our home village, our pets, the significance of sterilising animals in the country, local and Turkish cuisines, our fascination with Turkish coffee, and the excitement over more flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina next year.

00:00 Introduction to the Podcast

00:13 About the Hosts

00:47 Purpose of the Podcast

01:18 Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina

01:56 Life in the Village

02:42 Local School System

03:49 Balkan's Favorite Snack: Plasma

06:19 Winter Preparations

06:35 Wintering the Banana Plant

09:34 Dealing with Stray Animals

13:49 Importance of Sterilising Pets

15:51 Heating Solutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

19:15 Learning German and Discovering Schnuffnudels

19:34 The Art of Making German Potato Pancakes

20:17 Revisiting Childhood Memories with Apple Fritters

20:41 Exploring the German Tradition of Eating Pancakes with Apple Sauce

21:01 A Love Affair with Turkish Food

21:51 The Fusion Pie: A Blend of Cultures

23:55 The Influence of Turkish Cuisine in Bosnia and Herzegovina

25:15 The Art of Making Kuru Pilav

27:05 The Nostalgia of Traditional Drinks: Boza

28:45 The Expansion of Air Travel in Bosnia Herzegovina

31:16 The World's Largest Djezva: A Tribute to Coffee Lovers

33:47 Introducing Coffee Talk: A New Podcast Series.

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Links to things we talked about in this Episode:

The concept of drinking Turkish Coffee and Ćejf.

The 600 litre džezva.

The video about making Kuru Pilav.

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