Episode 33

Embracing Diversity: From Micronesia to Bosnia with Sheila Savanović

Published on: 23rd November, 2023

Today, I have a truly inspiring guest, Sheila Savanović, a resilient lady from Micronesia who has made an extraordinary journey from the eastern Pacific to Southeastern Europe.

Sheila shares her fascinating story of meeting her husband in China, settling in Banja Luka, and the cultural adjustments she had to make along the way.

From learning the local language ,to living in this misunderstood country, and experiencing some tough moments during her motherhood, Sheila’s story is a testament to her adaptability and strength.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready for an enlightening conversation that celebrates cultural diversity and personal strength.

00:00 Introduction and Sheila's Origin

00:23 Journey from Micronesia to Southeast Europe

00:52 Understanding Micronesian Culture and Languages

01:47 Studying in China and Meeting Her Husband

04:03 Moving to Europe and Adjusting to New Culture

04:55 Learning the Local Language

06:24 Raising Children in a Multicultural Environment

10:53 Dealing with Personal Tragedy

13:50 Coping Mechanisms and Support from Friends

15:37 Micronesian Similarities and Personal Background

15:49 How Sheila Started Working at the Restaurant

17:28 The Unique Design and Menu of the Restaurant

19:52 Introducing New Food and Dietary Options

20:23 The Popularity and Impact of the Restaurant

22:30 Sheila's Unexpected Journey to a Celebrity Cookery Show

23:48 Sheila's Experience and Recognition Post Television Show

26:28 Sheila's Cultural Connection to Micronesia

29:36 Sheila's Future Plans and Dreams

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